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Don't just take our word for it. Check out these amazing transformations and testimonials below


After giving birth to my second child, I found myself spiraling out of control with managing my weight loss. I was at mu heaviest ever. I felt helpless, especially being a former volleyball athlete and never battling with weight issues before. During my yearly physical in 2012, the physician assistant informed me that my blood work results revealed that I was surprisingly doing good. However, because of my current weight the results suggested that i would develop Type II diabetes and heart problems within the next 10yrs. Scared straight, I contacted a longtime associate who recommended Brighter Day Fitness. I began Brighter Day Fitness in June 2012 wearing a size 20 and by December my dress size dropped to a 14/16. I can't tell you how much better I felt physically and socially as a result. People who never knew I was a former athlete thought it was a miracle. They could not believe the transformation. My trainer provided a well laid plan of action that included vitamins and other supplements, a meal plan, and a work out regimen specific to my problem areas. During my initial meeting with him I remember seeing before and after pictures of people he had worked with. Honestly, I was a little skeptical because of pictures like that I had seen in magazine ads promoting some kind of weight loss pills. Today, I will stand before anyone and say that Brighter Day Fitness before and after pictures are the real deal and yes Anthony Bright is definitely a miracle worker........


Training with Anthony Bright has not only made me stronger physically but mentally, after working out with him for a month or so there has been great improvement in my tennis and basketball game, and it has helped me all around, faster, stronger, everything shows what he has improved.,.my tennis game has gotten stronger and my basketball footwork has gotten quicker. He has given me great advice that makes me think to win.,.,I feel a lot better, I play a lot better. It was a great experience.


I came to Brighter Day Fitness expecting to change my waistline and ended up changing my LIFE!! The program is a total body makeover and it yields positive results…noticeable results!! The program at Brighter Day exceeded my expectations. It gave me that motivating push that I wasn’t getting in the gym working out on my own. In fact, Anthony showed me that the regiment I had was not benefiting me. Anthony sat down with me and designed a customize program to achieve the results and goal that I set for myself. We started day 1 focusing on the target areas. Anthony is a great trainer who motivated me to work for results at each session. His knowledge and experience of conditioning and physical training allowed him to provide proper exercises that allowed me to train at my maximum level. I was shocked with the results I received from the exercises I performed in my program. Anthony gave me one on one attention at each session and ensured I completed my workouts in the correct and proper manner. I worked out in a clean and spiritually uplifting environment. His attention was on me from the time I walked in the door until the time I left each session. Aside from the workouts, Anthony recommended and assessed my eating habits that have now changed the way I look at food. I no longer live to eat, I now eat to live! Brighter Day Fitness created a new me!! My friends and family (especially those who haven’t seen me in a while) are complimenting me on the change. I see the change every time I look in the mirror but most importantly, I feel the difference. This is NOT a program with a lot of chemicals, supplements or pills that curb your appetite. All vitamins and products are all-natural and I wasn’t pressured to use them. Brighter Day Fitness transformed me right in front of my own eyes! After completing the program, I am no longer a client; I am a member of the Brighter Day Fitness FAMILY!! I thank God for bringing Anthony Bright and Brighter Day Fitness into my life!!!


I never was one big on exercising. I would walk leisurely because I was comfortable with where I was physically. My life and mindset changed when I started working out with Anthony. He educated me on health and fitness as it related to my age and height. I would watch the infomercials seeing the before and after pictures of people and I would swear they'd had surgery or were taking diet pills. I became a real life before and after picture. In 12 weeks I went from a size 16 to a size 10. Anthony gave me a reason to update my wardrobe. I've thrown away all of my old clothes because I don't plan on returning to my old ways. This is truly a lifestyle and a blessing. I find that I have more energy and I'm excited about trying on clothes. Training with Anthony was the best decision I could've made.


All of my life I was in great shape physically and very satisfied with my overall health. In 2001, at age 38, I gave birth to my son, Cameron, and was unable to put myself back together physically. The longer this went on, the less I was able to joke about it and the less I seemed to be able to do about it . As a type-A personality, my inability to fix this on my own really started to impact my mental health as well. I tried a number of exercise programs and diets, all on my own or with the advice of well intentioned friends, but with no results. I seemed locked in a downward spiral that continued for the next 6 years. I started working out under Anthony’s tutelage in 2008. Since then the changes in my workouts have impacted me physically and mentally in ways that are astounding. No longer do I feel I must carry an albatross of bat wings and baby gut for the rest of my life. My self esteem is back and I have the energy and drive again that allows me to be the person I am meant to be. I highly recommend Anthony for anyone seeking to improve their physical health and enjoy all the benefits that go with it. He is a trainer for anyone, any age, and in any condition.


I initially joined the gym stating that I wanted to "Tone my stomach". To my surprise I had absolutely no idea how bad of shape my entire body was in. I had body fat everywhere and I didn't even know it. I begin to exercise with Anthony twice a week and within 6 weeks I could already see a big difference. By 12 weeks I could see a drastic change. Not only had I toned my stomach, but I had also formed arms that reminded me of Angela Bassett. Anthony had turned my fat into muscle. It was an amazing experience that I am happy to say was well worth the hard work. I look great and I feel great. Thanks to Anthony with Brighter Day Fitness I'm loving me again.


Working with Brighter Day Fitness is one of the best decisions I have ever made. All of my adult life I have struggled with weight. I have been in the gym for years but I could never achieve the results that I desired. As a new pastor, I knew the importance of a healthy life style. So I made up my mind in January of 2012 to hook up with Anthony. From the initial consultation Bro. Anthony was very engaged and knowledgable about his craft. He gave me all of the tools that I needed to be succesful on my 12 week journey. Through intense work in the gym and unwavering support, the first 4 weeks I lost 27 pounds. The second 4 weeks I lost 11 pounds, and the last 4 weeks I lost 5 more pounds. If you have trouble adding, that is 43 pounds in twelve weeks!!! My pants size went from 44 all the way down to a 36. I find myself still doing the same exercises Anthony taught me. I look better. I preach better. I feel better, and my wife cannot keep her hands off of me!!! Brighter Day fitness will always be a part of my life.....I lost the weight and I gained a brother. God bless you Bro. Anthony!!!!


........tired, no energy, feeling overweight, and out of shape????? Sounds all to familiar.....that was definitely me!!!! I decided to do something about it but knew I needed some help to develop a plan of action. I spoke with Anthony -Bighter Day Fitness and discussed a lifestyle change and setup an exercise regimen and decided to do a 12 week program. The first 2 weeks were though with trying to eat so many times a day, which was something that I wasnt use to and then the soreness from working out. I expected all this but knew that it would pay off.....No pain, No gain!!!! Working with Anthony is great!! He cares about helping you achieve the results you want. After 12weeks I have lost many inches overall....and all of them were from the areas we set out to target....I have lost body fat, pounds, multiple inches, and have toned.....I have went from a size 12 to fitting into a size 6!!!!! The decision to work with Anthony was definitely worth it......I not only look better but I feel better and have more energy. Anthony's motto....the only thing bad about working with Brighter Day Fitness is.... Changing your wardrobe........a statement that holds nothing but TRUTH!!!!!


I wanted to loose my gut, look younger, get stronger and have more energy. After two weeks of fitness training I began to see the results. I went from a 34 to a 32 in my pant size and had the energy to finish my work outs. After 12weeks of training I added 50 pounds to my bench press and lost my gut. I recommend Brighter Day Fitness anyone that is serious about reaching their fitness goals. Thanks Brighter Day.


For a couple of years I had been seeing a neurologist. She had tried different medicines to improve my strength and gait. I felt tired often and had little energy. The medicine worked for a very small amount of time then it would cause of problems and the medicine had to be discontinued. A colleague introduced me to Mr. Bright and he was my blessings. We started working out and within a month people began to notice my gait improving. My legs were stronger. My upper body was very strong. My body improved tremendously. The neurologist noticed the change and recommended to continue with the personal trainer. She was impressed at my level of improvement without medicine. Mr. Bright is a blessing. I even lost weight following his healthy eating plan. I felt great!!!!


I began the program thinking there would be minor changes over the amount of time of the program. After setting my fitness goals with Mr. Bright, he created a plan that I believe was attainable and would give me the results I wanted to see and feel. Over the 12 week program, he really does push you to reach your goals, even though there will be times when you will resist. I saw immediate results in my muscle definition and endurance. I definitely recommend Brighter Day fitness program to anyone that is looking to do more than just workout, but wants to achieve results.


I began the program thinking there would be minor changes over the amount of time of the program. After setting my fitness goals with Mr. Bright, he created a plan that I believe was attainable and would give me the results I wanted to see and feel. Over the 12 week program, he really does push you to reach your goals, even though there will be times when you will resist. I saw immediate results in my muscle definition and endurance. I definitely recommend Brighter Day fitness program to anyone that is looking to do more than just workout, but wants to achieve results


I came to the gym forever and thought I knew what I was doing. I also secretly watched Anthony work with others who were getting fit and looking great. Of course, Anthony knew what I was doing. He kept telling me I needed to join him. The day I did was the beginning of the best change in life I have ever made. I feel wonderful! My clothes, the smaller ones I almost gave away, are even loose. I love working with Anthony and how he has taught me to challenge myself and win!


My name is Chiquita Thomas, I joined Brighter Day Fitness 12 weeks ago and it has been one of the best decisions that I've made health wise in a long time. In the first month I lost 14 lbs and a lot of inches off my arms, thighs, waist, hips, and even my calves. I went from a dress size of 16 to a 10 in 12 weeks (I look good and feel fabulous) which was astounding to me because for 6 months I attended a boot camp class and in my first month I only lost 5 pounds and in 6 months I was only down 7 lbs. So, to lose 14 lbs in my first month was amazing and I'm still losing. I've wasted so much money on other trainers and didn't benefit from it at all. I can't believe I waited so long to give Brighter Day Fitness a try. Not only at Brighter Day Fitness have I lost weight but I've also learned how to make healthier choices when it comes to my eating. Anthony is very hands on and gave me all of the necessary tools to help me start my new transformation. Today, I'm an advocate for Brighter Day Fitness and I will tell anyone if you want real results with real changes Brighter Day Fitness is the place for you. Just make the call and you'll be making the same confession that I'm making, remember you're worth it.


I have been training with a fireball of energy called Mr. Anthony Bright 2 times a week for the last two months. Bright is extremely motivating and takes customization to a new level. My goals began as improving general health & weight loss, but I always get much more than that. He has helped me to lose more than 13 pounds and have gone from a size 12 to an 8 (which I am ecstatic about). My workouts are always challenging as Mr. Bright constantly creates new ways to push me. To say that he is a fantastic trainer is a huge understatement…I look forward to working with Brighter Day for a long time to come!”


I, James Grant, started this journey of losing weight in order to lower my blood pressure and to get off of blood pressure medications. I have been working out for the past 3 years and have been unsuccessful on this journey. After seeing the transformation of my co-worker and son-in-law, I decided to join Brighter Day Fitness. I started out at 273lbs, in 12 weeks I went from 273lbs to 232lbs a total of 41lbs. My waist went from 44 in. to 37 in. My body fat content 33 3/8% to 27%. Through prayer and hard work with Brighter Day Fitness, I am a much healthier 52 yr old male. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting healthier.


It's a brighter day for me!  Many years after becoming disabled, I began working with Antony to regain my strength and mobility.  I am regaining strength I thought was gone forever.  Anthony is an encouraging coach and a pleasure to work with.  Since my main goal is strength and mobility, I am not counting the pounds and inches lost, but they are melting away also.  Thank you Anthony!  I highly recommend anyone that has physical challenges to Brighter-Day Fitness!


My son has had excellent results from this weight loss fitness program. He has always been teased by other children because of his weight and that has always been the cause of his low self esteem issues. This combination has been a vicious cycle in his young life. He eats to compensate for the pain therefore causing more weight gain. His father and I have tried everything we could think of to help him but until we met Anthony things did not start to change. Anthony was the “kick” he needed. His encouragement, performance and history of football really made my son feel as though he could accomplish his goals in weight loss. The football history is what sold my son because my son plays football. He is now ready to show the world what he can do. I have witnessed his endurance while playing sports and before he was out of breath and now he runs freely and enjoys all sports now. My son went from a size 46 pants to a comfortable size 42 which now as I write this has some slack. Anthony has transformed this once fragile, gentle giant into a confident, well trained young man with high expectations in his life. His esteem now is fresh and crisp. We still have a long way to go but never expected results like this so fast. Anthony has transformed the entire family by involving us in every step of the program. He has motivated our family as well. We all work out together and this has been an extraordinary experience that has increased our family time. This program has helped us communicate better with our son. We would recommend him to anyone.


“I had tried everything under the sun to lose about 20 lbs, from buying workouts DVDs to exercise equipment to the tummy belt. Nothing worked for me. I was not motivated and disciplined enough to do this myself. Anthony Bright approached me and gave me an invitation to a free consultation. What did I have to lose other than those unwanted 20 lbs? My first impression of Mr. Bright was a favorable one. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about personal training. Needless to say, I lost 25 lbs (21 lbs was body fat) of which 11 lbs were lost in the first 4 weeks, and I lost 4 dress sizes!!! He was my personal trainer for about 5 months. My work schedule and school schedule would not permit me to continue with him. Now that I am almost complete with my doctorate degree, he will be my personal trainer again! The results that I achieved to date are due to Anthony Bright’s combination of diverse training individualized training program, challenging and achievable goal setting, and his ultimate dedication to his clients. He would go out of his way to check on me throughout the day to see if I was doing what I needed to do to lose the weight and sticking to my eating plan. His eating plan was phenomenal. My stomach shrunk in size naturally. He came to every session enthusiastic and motivated concerning a new healthier lifestyle for me. His friendly personality creates a comfortable and relaxed environment. He laid the foundation, and he taught me the art of taking care of my inner and outward appearance. Mr. Bright is the one who will lead and guide you every step of the way. He gave me a new attitude and created and molded a sexier me!” Thank you, Mr. Bright! You are the best!


“I am a working mom with two children under the age of two. Between working full time in a high stress sales position, keeping the house clean, clothes washed and dinners cooked…finding time to work out seemed impossible. For entirely too long I used the excuse that I didn’t have time or the energy. I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t have the drive to do it and stick to it. Anthony worked with my schedule, he found a time that was convenient for me and I was able to workout right there in my front yard using weighted balls, dumbbells, bands, and my own body weight. My results happened quickly and continued throughout my 8 weeks. Anthony always kept me focused on pushing harder than I ever could on my own. There were plenty of times I thought I couldn’t do it; but with his encouragement, I surprised myself at how much I was able to do. I just needed the right direction and motivation. I went from barely pushing through 10 pushups, to 2 sets of 30! Believe me, after long days, crying babies, piles of laundry and tons on my mind…my workout normally would have made it to the bottom of my list. Having Anthony committed to me made me push through my workouts. I took the time to focus on me and relieved some stress while doing it. The even better part of it was my two-year-old began looking forward to exercising too. So not only was I bettering myself, I was also setting a great example for my son. I can remember standing in the dressing room at Old Navy trying to grab a few shorts for the summer. I had tried on a size 10 first, then a size 12 and THEN a size 14. I couldn’t believe the day had come that I was wearing a size 14. I left Old Navy that day feeling disappointed and desperate for change. Anthony gave me change I so desperately wanted. I went from size 14 to, 8 weeks later, zipping up my size 8 pants! There are no gimmicks and no false promises. It is all about having the right direction, the right mental focus, and making the time for yourself. I strongly recommend Anthony with Brighter-Day Fitness. Make the commitment to yourself, call Anthony today!” Results: 8 total pounds lost 6 fat pounds gone! Lost 14 inches!


“I procrastinated for quite sometime about starting the program, but Anthony was quite persistent :-) and I’m glad he kept following up with me. I now have more energy and am very aware of what I eat. The sessions were challenging but rewarding. It was great to also do the sessions with my daughter. I’ve recommended Anthony to my (tennis) students and friends and they are now enjoying the experience, too!.


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for a job well done. In a very short period of time I achieved great results and it was due to your (Anthony’s) great coaching, both in fitness and nutrition. You took the time to make sure that I performed my exercises safely while you challenged me each and every time. At 44 years old I am in the best shape of my life. You are professional and you have passion for what you do. I will be forever grateful. If I return to Macon be certain that I will come find you. I will be more than happy to recommend your personal training services to anyone who has a desire to look and feel the best they can.” Results: 7 pounds of solid muscle gained in 8 short weeks.


I was tired of feeling like the old, fat lady as I got winded walking from one room to another. My efforts to lose weight on my own only netted about a 10 pound lost in a year. Unfortunately for me, I HATED exercise. Thankfully someone loved me enough to recommend Anthony to me. Four months into my life-style change process, I am excited about the changes Anthony is helping me make. He encourages me and pushes me to accomplish more than I ever thought I could. I feel stronger, healthier and more energetic. My mood is better, I’ve lost weight, and found muscles I haven’t seen in decades! Anthony not only guides and instructs me in my physical workout, he also holds me accountable to do what I need to do to reach my goals. Thanks, Anthony Weight-loss thus far: 31 pounds (22 pounds of body fat gone!) Over 21 inches lost! Follow Tammy’s blog at


I’m a 52-year-old, 4’11 ½”, 155lbs. woman with a high blood pressure. The high blood pressure has caused some issues with my heart, whereby I had to take tow high blood pressure medications. When reading the labels, I found the side effects were almost as bad as the problem for which I was taking the medicines. I decided to attempt to lose weight and get fit, to see if my blood pressure would go down. Working with Anthony Bright, as my life coach, I have lost 17 lbs, exercise twice a week and am no longer taking the blood pressure medications. My diet has changed and my body fat percentage is monitored. I have greater stamina, flexibility and strength. I continue to work on losing the weight and exercising, as I am 17 lbs away from my goal weight. I thank God for your help, Anthony!


Since I’ve been training with Anthony, I have had amazing results; I have gone from a size ten to a size 6 in just 10 weeks. Anthony’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition has been very beneficial to me, not only am I reaching my weight loss goals, but I am also learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. Working with Anthony has been a great experience for me, Anthony has pushed me to excel at levels that I didn’t think I was even capable. He often goes above and beyond the call of duty, even on days I am not training, Anthony calls to inquire about my fitness and diet. For anyone serious about leading a healthy lifestyle and willing to work hard for it, Anthony is the trainer to have by your side.

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